Richard McCool

I have lived in many places over the years and have never found a more professional and credible insurance agency than Locklin Insurance Company or a more trustworthy agent than Bob Locklin.

My experience with Locklin Insurance goes back decades and their service is and has been exceptional. What I appreciate the most is that they really worked hard to bring me the best value … not just the lowest price but a very good price for the level of coverage that really protected me and my family instead of leaving me vulnerable just to try to drive premiums down. That is a level of care and professionalism that is not always easy to find.

And when accidents have happened, they were always there and I knew that they are looking out for my best interest.

And the are a multi-line carrier and bring a variety of solutions to the table …. and I have needed that.

I could not recommend them more highly … the agency and the agent are both exceptional!